Sherlock Holmes Season 4


Working on weekend is not really my thing. But since my boss works everyday, literally, including Saturday and Sunday. I sometimes have to join her as well. But today, this whole week actually, I am not in the mood of working. So, instead of working, I would just blogging.

Lately, I have been watching Sherlock Holmes Season 4, which is too late compared to anyone in this world. When I reached out to my brother weeks ago and asked him about Sherlock Season 4, he said that he would never watch it again 'cause it left his heart in sorrow. Watching that again is too painful, so he said.

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Now that I've watched the full episodes, I can tell that he was right. This season is too gloomy. It is indeed clever, but it is also miserable. Yes, it's too painful to watch it again, but maybe I want to because it's also beautiful. It gives us a statement that even in a life of Holmes which are very smart, logical, and quite arrogant, family and friends matter. That they aren't inhuman, they have emotion, although Eurus might need more moral value lessons.

It was indeed an epic season. I don't know if there will be the new season, but if not, it was a superb ending once for all. Love it! And Rosamund Mary Watson will forever be missed <3 font="">

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