This is how I picture my mom:

A woman, who sacrifices a lot for the sake of her family. Never left their parents too far away for too long. Took care of them until their very last breath. Compromise with her husband and take care of the children very responsibly. Feed us, teach us, listen to our nagging and stupid stories about daily life at school, support us with everything she can give. Put away her ego, even when she knew it was her time to shine and we all supported her to be on the top point of her career. Always put family first. Never gets tired of her husband complaining about mostly everything.

She barely ever asks for my help to do the cleaning, washing, cooking, everything. I love to be with her all the time. She understands me very well. I even think that she has some kind of telepathy. She called me when I get very anxious or sad or angry about something. No matter where she is, no matter where I am. She called me and talked to me and suddenly those problems disappear. She can always make me feel better.

Sometimes I think that is because she is a psychiatrist. And a part of my self wants to be just like her so I can be like her and let her lean on me just like I have leaned on her all my life. I want to be like her. I know she is not perfect, but she is perfect to me and to all the family. 

God, please spare her a long happy and healthy life with my dad. I would love to make her happy and proud many more time.

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