A man that I will always love


I'll push myself to write about a happy story today since I need something to change my gloomy mood. 

Yesterday, I found a friend of mine told people through his instagram story about how a bank employee would not have any time to give attention to the family. Well, I must disagree with this.

My dad was a bank employee. Yes, he was really really busy. He worked mostly in other towns. And when he worked in town he would come home at 6 pm, the very least. But, he always gave enough attention to the family. He would call everyday and asked about how we were doing. He never forgot our birthday and always be the first to call and say "happy birthday". He always bought us presents even when we insisted that we didn't need anything. He was always there when we ever needed him, when we were sick, when it was the first day of school or on parents' meeting, when my grandparents passed away, or even our neighbor. He went home from his work almost every week no matter how far it was. He refused to work too far away from us even when it offered much more benefits for his career. He is a man who love and proud of his job. He is very loyal to the company he worked for. But he never ever neglected his family. 

There were times when he got mad over something which really drove me crazy. But, now I can understand that. He has this obsessive compulsive trait that always makes me nervous whenever I'm around him. But he is a funny man who loves to throw father jokes, you know what I mean. He speaks of words of wisdom when I least expect it. He told about his fear and opened up his weakness only to my mother. 

He got a bunch of ability that even my husband could never compare. He is a family man. He is a man that I will always love. 

I realized it just when I got married. I've received a lot of love from him. Have I given mine? Even I never buy him any gift on his birthday :'(

I thought I'd love to write something funny, why do I end up getting teary? Hahaha.

This story is dedicated for my dad. May God always bless him with health, wealth, and my mom, which I pray for her to be healthy always and stay with my father forever.

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  1. Paragraf 2 bener bangett. Moga ga gitugitu amat kalo kerja 😢

    1. Moga2 ya shif. Moga2 cepet dipindah juga ke Jawa. Atau moga2 cepet nikah biar bisa pindah deket suami.