#latepost: Gone Girl Amy


Last week I went to a bookstore and about to buy three books: Mahabharata, Sophie’s World, and the other one was written by John Grisham (I forget the title), when I saw this book I wanted to buy for months: Gone Girl. And I ended up buying this one only book.

The book was about a wife missing on the day of 5th anniversary. Frankly, all evidence referred to the husband. The husband swore he did not kill her, that she trapped him with all evidence that she had planned before. The only thing he could do was to understand what the wife wanted by doing those cruel things, what she was up to. He needed to be steps forward his wife’s brilliant mind.

Though it has been filmed, same titled, with the stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, I thought the book was much much scarrier as you could know what was really there, in the wife’s mind. I even had nightmares for about four days. Crazy, this book.

It was totally insane. I can’t imagine if that kind of sociopath is, really, alive. Trapping his own husband, put him into a murderer figure? That’s horrible.

Few weeks ago, when my bf just finished watching the movie, based on this book, he said a thing or two to me, like, “don’t change, don’t be like Amy, I think you’re potential.” Now that I’ve read the book, wow, I don’t know if I should be mad or glad because though she’s horrible, she’s also brilliant. Her mind. How she makes the scenario that always steps ahead of anyone else. She knows everyone she’s puppetting very well.

Well, I just can’t think how the marriage would lasts. Amy traps his husband until the very end. When he finally finds his courage to challenge Amy, to leave her, take the marriage into divorce, Amy is one step ahead, she comes up with a positive pregnancy test. What the hell is that?! Just like Margo, Nick (the husband)’s twin, both reading the book and watching the movie, I cried of sadness, like there’s a big hole inside my heart. Nick is gonna be trapped forever. And I don’t think he would survive, maybe someday he will kill himself. And the child? I don’t know if he/ she’s gonna be a monster or just as insane as her mom.

Well, that’s just my thought. Happy Sunday everyone! See ya...

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