India Arie - Can I Walk With You


I woke up this morning, you were the first thing on my mind

I don't know where it came from, all I know is I need you in my life
You make me feel like, I can be a better woman
If you just say you wanna take this friendship to another place

Can I walk with you, through your life
Can I lay with you, as your wife
Can I be your friend, till the end
Can I walk with you, through your life

You've got me wondering, if you know that I'm wondering about you
This feeling is so strong that, I can't imagine you're not feeling it too
You've known me long enough to trust, that I want what's best for you
And I can find what the worlds been looking for forever, friendship and love together

Can I walk with you in your life?
Till the day that the world stops spinning
Till the day that my heart stops beating
Till the day that the birds no longer take flight
Till the moon is underwater

This is the moment I've been waiting for
You are everything I've been looking for
Creative intellectual 
Can I walk with you as your wife...

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