Sorry :)


Hey, baby!! Sorry for disturbing you by posting these BEFORE SUNRISE stuffs. I just watched them. It's not 'just' actually, but it keeps playing in my head.

That is very romantic independent movie. I love it. And it's so dreamy.

Can you imagine you're on your way back to your country then you meet someone new who really 'click' to you and ask you to go with him before he depart to far away?

And you never know what is waiting for you out there. It's just happen. And you feel like he's the one. But, you cannot just push yourself to follow your ego. You have to move on, you have your own life you have to run before you meet him. But it's kinda hard to leave him 'cause you don't know when you'll meet him again.

Well, probably, the part I hate is that they don't wanna exchange address, phone number, or e-mail address. In BEFORE SUNSET, they say they're to young and stupid. Geez... But, if they exchange, will there be that BEFORE SUNSET??

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