Simple Trip



Still doing my boring holidays. Hell, yeah, I don't like to be a housekeeper. I wanna go somewhere else. Get on vacation. But, no money. Yeah, that's too bad. 

Anyway, I wanna share my fantasy about fancy holiday.

I really think that would be great for me to buy a plane ticket to Jakarta, first flight to Jakarta and spend a whole day in Cengkareng, Soekarno-Hatta airport. Sounds poor, maybe?? Ha-ha. Yeah, it's so simple yet so great, I think. I imagine my self walking around the airport. Maybe I can go into international departure station and hearing many people talk in different languages?? I don't need to go to foreign country just to feel the atmosphere. 

And I can also shop, go in go out every shop, buy fancy things. Or maybe taste some smoothies, ice creams, or any other beverages. There's one place near domestic arrival station that I wanna visit. It's SAKANA, Japanese Food Restaurant. Last time I got there, I smelled good cooked udon and tempura. Sllrrruuuppp...

I also can go hanging out with only my self. Catching some good pictures. And I'll try to speak out to some pilots, maybe. Hahaha. I LOVE PILOT!!

Then I go back to Semarang by the last flight. Uhh, fancy that!!

Or another idea??

Like I wanna go to Bandung by the only train "Harina" from Semarang at evening, about 8.30pm, have a rough sleep there, and wake up when I get there. Going around, shopping, photographing 'till the time for next train go back to Semarang, which is almost a day I hanging out there. 

I also thinking about going to Melbourne. I have some friends there, maybe I can get a host there and maybe they could be my guides for free. Whoa!! How nice. Then I can save my money for gifts. Ha-ha. But, it has to be a long planned trip 'cause it needs so much money.  I'm starting now :)

Well, that's my simple imagination about taking a trip. How about yours?? I'm glad to hear your share :)

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