Uh Oh!!! I'm in Love!!


Ha-ha. Dunno why, I feel like LOVE to my friend. Actually, it's not just started, it has begun since, well, i don't know when. It was started with my adorement. Yeh, I adored him so much. I adore the way he think, speak, smile, laugh, and even walk. LOL!

But, I think a lot before I let my heart and my dream flying high with him.
First, it's not a right time. We have so much things to do, both of us, and nothing can be more important than those things, even feeling like love.
Second, I'm not so sure that he has the same feeling as me as I heard from my friends, he and his ex still loved each other, and I know his ex well enough. She is a nice, smart, and caring girl. Some of my friends even said that he must be stupid letting a gorgeous girl like her go.
Third, I always feel like a dumb everytime I sit beside him. You know why? I cannot breath, cannot speak, and my feet are shaken whenever he's near me. There's no word like "so sweet", there's only "SO SWEAT!!" So, that's why I just can see him right in his eyes to tell him how much I love him. Ha-ha.
So, in the end, I just wanna say. Thank you for reading this sharing post and I really appreciate if you wanna give me advice
See ya!! LOVE you!!

pic taken from: shutterstock.com

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